Harvesting the Breeze

Homeowners have long clamored for energy solutions to the growing cost of electricity, but many believed wind power was not efficient enough to consider. They have visions of large wind generators in areas where there is a constant wind, and few of them have been willing to uproot their family to a desolate area to make their dream come true. Harvesting the breeze is easier than many previously thought, and those living in an area where even a light but consist breeze is available will find there are now systems that will reduce their energy costs or even eliminate them.

One of the issues with wind power has been appearance, and new systems have been developed to create beauty in the windmills that provide electricity. They fit into residential areas without being obtrusive, so they are beginning to be welcomed in even the best neighborhoods. Rather than having a piece of technology that devalues the landscape, modern wind generators are designed to blend in and create harmony with the natural environment.

The amount of electricity generated by systems used for homes allows their size to be more appropriate for a residential area, and this has also become a factor that makes them more attractive. Rather than having a wind generator that needs aviation lights to avoid being a hazard to air traffic, new systems fit neatly into the roof line of many homes. They do not always generate enough power for more than one home, but the savings still make them a viable option.

Combining the local breeze with energy efficient appliances and new designs, homeowners are beginning to find that wind driven energy production systems are worth investigating when building or remodeling a home. While some of them might not be able to satisfy all the electricity needs of a family, they can be combined with energy efficient appliances, higher rated insulation for walls, ceilings and windows, and they can be supplemented with solar power to keep the home from draining the grid.