Home Building off the Grid

Savings from Sunlight


Solar power, when it first became popular, was actually more expensive than hooking into the local electrical grid. The main issue was the lack of efficiency in battery storage, but new advances in technology have made it much more economical to install a solar power source for the home. While not all of them depend on being completely off the grid, many of them can generate more power than homeowners need. This gives them freedom from electric bills, and it might even generate income.

Panels for solar power have advanced along with the storage media they use, and many homeowners who might believe their area does not have enough sunlight will be pleasantly surprised when looking into this renewable energy source. Cloudy days are no longer a bar to generating electricity, so almost any climate is acceptable if powering the home is the goal. Even cold weather is a bonus when considering solar because the newer electronics that regulate the system function efficiently in cooler climates.

Energy storage has long been an issue for homeowners as well as large electrical companies, and solar has found its own answer in new technology. In the past, many systems provided more than enough electricity, but the savings were eaten up by the need to replace the batteries every few years. Batteries for the system no longer need to be replaced as often, and that makes the cost of owning the system economical.

Generating enough electricity to power a home is the goal, but some systems will generate more than needed. Many solar powered residences are still hooked into the local grid, and electric companies pay them for the power they provide. Peak hours in areas where industry is present are often during the day, so residences can now provide electric companies with an alternative source of power to keep everything running smoothly.